Foreclosures Are of Great Value


No doubt you have heard many things about them. Foreclosures are a very different transaction from a traditional sale and must be handled as such. Some foreclosures are of great value, and some are not for you.

Lots of reasons exist that cause a foreclosure to happen. Consider that a deficiency in the property caused the person to give up and walk away in some cases. You do not want to inherit their problem! Knowledge of the various aspects of the transaction is a must for success if you purchase a foreclosure.

There are still foreclosures on the market today, and new inventory is being added. I can access that inventory for you - you don't have to sign up for a list! Keep in mind that the seller will (in most cases) pay the real estate commissions, and I am also having much success with negotiating seller-paid closing costs for my buyers!

Extensive Lending Expertise

My extensive lending experience allows me to evaluate each property and convey my opinion of the situation.

A realtor needs to dig into the property's past to try and uncover any red flags that may be present. Many don't know how to go about this, and many are unsure how to interpret the information.

I am SFR (Short Sales & Foreclosure Resource) certified. SFR, coupled with my knowledge of the lending process, gives you an edge in navigating this advantageous but dangerous market sector.

Here To Help You

Whether you are an investor, a first-timer, or a move-up buyer wanting to buy a foreclosure, I am here to help you with guidance and information to enable you to make a good decision for you and your family.

I provide you with information and opinions, but you are the ultimate decision-maker.

You can take comfort in knowing that I will not pressure you to buy any property. At the same time, however, I will do my best to help you avoid problem properties that have many red flags or may not obtain financing approval.

Preapproval- Apply Now

Because Home Is Your Biggest Investment

Selling today can be a difficult task, but homes are selling. I educate all my home sellers on the current market and competition and let them set the initial asking price. After all, it is YOUR home and your most significant investment. I would like to see you get as much as possible in the timeframe that meets your expectations. Please remember that a quick sale and top dollar don't always go together, so plan your listing date accordingly.

Rates are still low, but the slow rise in rates and home prices incentivizes serious buyers to get out there.

So don't wait to list your property!

Real Estate Commissions

Contrary to what many may think, real estate commissions are on the rise. With more and more effort involved to achieve a sale, many companies are raising their rates. I negotiate the terms of the listing contract and offer options that will help a seller fit a contract and price to their needs. I don't come in with a set rate. I also offer an unparalleled cancellation policy. If you are unhappy for any reason, I am happy to cancel your contract at no charge. So there's no risk. I work on your terms.

Short Sales

Short Sales are gaining more and more attention as mortgage holders acknowledge they are a viable alternative to foreclosure. Short Sales, in most cases, provide the lender with more money when compared to a foreclosure sale. Short Sales can also avoid a portion of the foreclosure costs as some of the legal and clerical fees are not incurred when the title is transferred from the private seller (not the lender) to the buyer.

When done correctly, Short Sales can be a win-win for all parties compared to the foreclosure option.

Seller Prequalification

A seller in distress must be carefully evaluated to determine if they qualify for short sale approval.

Not all sellers will qualify. For a lender to take a loss, the seller must make a solid case proving a circumstance had changed the seller's qualifications they had when they obtained the loan.

I am SFR (Short Sales & Foreclosure Resource) certified, and my extensive lending background allows me to handle this process for you effectively.

Lots of paperwork and time is involved, but a successful short sale can positively impact a seller's financial and credit future.

Request More Information

If you are a seller in distress or a buyer wanting to buy a short sale, please contact me right away for help.

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! Submit your information here, and please call me if you do not hear from me within 24 hours. In the comment section, please enter the property address.

If you already have one set, I'll contact you right away and do my best to get your FORECLOSURE SALE DATE POSTPONED.

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