HUD $100 Down - Applies When Promotion Is Offered By HUD

You need an experienced HUD agent

Many don't know details about HUD or HUD homes. HUD-owned homes simply mean they are owned by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. Most likely, the property had an FHA loan, which was foreclosed on.

A different set of rules governs HUD homes to dispose of their properties than other loans. Navigating HUD's process can be a challenge, and you must have an agent authorized to represent you in a HUD purchase. I am an authorized HUD real estate broker, and I can assist you with the purchase or the loan, call me FIRST before you make a bid on a HUD home!

There are many in's and out's of the HUD bidding process. Bids can get canceled or rejected, and homes can be removed from the market without notice.

It's important to work with an agent that understands how the process works AND does the homework before you spend time looking at homes that are already under contract or removed from the market.

Call me today @ (816) 347-9355 for information about how you can find HUD properties available in your area.

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